Titles of Remote Lectures in Nuclear Medicine Technology examination 2

Lecture no.Title
1 and 2Artifacts, dynamic function test analysis method, image display, and image output
3Safety management laws (nuclear medicine practice and law)
4Safety management laws (radiation protection in nuclear medicine, prevention of medical accidents)
5Equipment performance evaluation and safety implementation maintenance inspection (γ-camera and SPECT)
6Equipment performance evaluation and safety implementation maintenance inspection (PET)
7Midterm examination (range, first to sixth lectures)
8γ-camera examination (cerebral nervous system; cerebral blood flow scintigraphy)
9γ-camera examination (cerebral nervous system; nerve receptors and cerebrospinal cavity scintigraphy)
10γ-camera examination (cardiovascular system; myocardial perfusion scintigraphy)
11γ-camera examination (cardiovascular system; analysis method, electrocardiogram synchronization SPECT, and quantitative gated SPECT)
12γ-camera examination (cardiovascular system; exercise load and resting myocardial blood flow SPECT and cardiac pool scintigraphy)
13γ-camera examination (cardiovascular system; myocardial fatty acid metabolism, myocardial sympathetic nerve, and myocardial pyrophosphate scintigraphy)
14New examination method for neurodegenerative diseases