Survival Times for Some of the Most Common HAIs, Viruses, and COVID-19

Pathogen survival on dry, inanimate surfaces ( 22 )COVID-19 survival on surfaces* ( 23 )
PathogenSurvival timeSurfaceSurvival time
C. difficile (spores)>5 moGlass5 d
Escherichia coli 1.5 h–1.3 yWood4 d
Vancomycin-resistant or -susceptible enterococci5 d–4 moPlastic and stainless steel3 d
S. aureus 7 d–7 moCardboard24 h
Streptococcus pneumoniae 1–20 dCopper4 h
Hepatitis B2 h–60 d
Adenovirus7 d–3 mo
Influenza virus1–2 d
Respiratory syncytial virus≤6 h
Coronavirus (severe acute respiratory syndrome, gastrointestinal, cold)3–28 d
  • *Amount of live virus decreases over time on surfaces; risk of infection from touching something that had virus on it for a few days (or even a few hours) would be less.