Other Studies on Oral 131I Administration for Dialysis Patients

StudySummarySimilarities to case 3Differences from case 3
Vermandel et al. ( 25 )Six ESRD patients were administered reduced RAI formulas to treat thyroid cancer; bone marrow toxicity was analyzed to define optimal dosimetryESRD; successful removal of 131I remnantsDosimetry used to minimize toxicity
Magné et al. ( 21 )Hemodialysis was safe and effective during oral 131I RAI treatment of differentiated thyroid carcinomaESRD; metastases; successful excretionPapillary thyroid carcinoma; metastases in 9 of 16 cervical nodes
Shields et al. ( 11 )Safe hemodialysis techniques and protocol were shared for minimizing radiation risks and maintaining RAI treatmentESRD; successful excretion; patient interaction minimizedNot applicable
Bhat et al. ( 17 )Radioactive ablation in ESRD patient after complete thyroidectomy remained successful 4 y laterESRD; history of hypertension, diagnostic prescan with 123IGoiter; presented with shortness of breath after left thyroidectomy
  • ESRD = end-stage renal disease.