Titles of Face-To-Face Lectures in Nuclear Medicine Technology Examination 1

Lecture no.Title
1 and 2Nuclear medicine examination; what is a radioisotope?
3About radiopharmaceuticals, single photons, in vitro examination, and positrons
4In vivo examination system, section 1
5In vivo examination system, section 2
6Other nuclear medicine examination equipment
7PET (PET/CT) equipment, section 1
8PET (PET/CT) equipment, section 2
9Equipment related to PET (cyclotron, synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals, automatic quality control equipment, and hot cells)
10Imaging technology (characteristics of nuclear medicine imaging)
11Image processing
12SPECT image reconstruction
13Various SPECT correction methods (scatter correction and attenuation correction)
14Various SPECT correction methods (nonuniform absorber correction, position resolution correction, and various PET corrections)