Other Studies on Liquid 131I Administration

StudySummarySimilarities to case 1Differences from case 1
Rini et al. ( 12 )Capsular 131I tracers exposed patients to higher-than-intended amounts of radiation, compared with liquid 131I tracersNot applicableInclusion criterion: Graves disease; radiation uptake compared
Al Aamri et al. ( 9 )Several capsule-related mishaps were cited (i.e., acrylic-glass tube adherence, swallowing difficulty, radiation exposure)Pill dysphagiaRadioactive mishandling and misuse described
Honour et al. ( 15 )Case series of 144 RAI patients documented minimal fluid intake for speedy recoveryNot applicableHigh-dose solid 131I therapy
Shields and Johnson ( 11 )Novel presentation was made of capsular 131I administration via endoscopic stomach implantationSuccessful pill dysphagia workaroundEndoscopy required; capsule 131I administered