Article-Share Grading Rubric

CriterionNeeds improvement (1)Fair (2)Accomplished (3)Exemplary (4)Grade
DeliveryHolds no eye contact with audience; reads entire report from notes; speaks in low volume; causes audience disengagementDisplays minimal eye contact with audience; reads mostly from notes; speaks in uneven volume with little to no inflectionConsistently uses direct eye contact with audience but still frequently returns to notes; speaks with satisfactory volumeHolds attention of entire audience with direct eye contact; seldom looks at notes; speaks with volume and inflection to maintain audience interest
Content and organizationDoes not have grasp of information and cannot answer questions about topicProvides relatively disorganized presentation; is challenging to follow; can answer only basic questions about selected topicProvides well-organized and well-thought-out presentation; is at ease with providing expected answers to most questionsDemonstrates full knowledge by answering questions with explanations; provides clear, organized presentation put together in logical order
PowerPoint presentationIs unorganized, with no pictures, graphics, or title slideIs somewhat organized but includes only 1 picture; includes title slide, but it is missing some components, including article linkIs organized and has a few pictures and an appropriate title slide that includes article linkIs well-written and well-organized; includes pictures or graphics; provides title slide with all necessary components
Relevance of article to fieldHas no relationship to NMT or related physics fieldHas some relationship to nuclear medicine, molecular imaging, or physics; lacks purpose or understanding; is a nuclear medicine article but not from peer-reviewed journalRelates to NMT or suggested health field and is selected from peer-reviewed journalProvides well-written, detailed explanation of relation to our field; is selected from peer-reviewed journal and covers topic with proficiency