Summary of Information Pertinent to Performing the Procedure

TopicAction/information needed
Radioiodine-interfering materialsAvoid and obtain history of (e.g., medications, intravenous contrast [especially as a part of a CT exam])
Iodine intakeCompliance with low-iodine diet
TSHAppropriate TSH level
StimulationPreparation with THS versus rhTSH
SurgerySurgical information (e.g., total/subtotal thyroidectomy vs. lobectomy, extent of cervical compartments dissected)
HistopathologyInformation on presence/absence of capsular or angiolymphatic invasion, extrathyroidal extension, surgical margin status, presence/extent of lymph node metastases, and level of cervical compartments involved
ImagingResults of prior scintigraphy or other pertinent imaging procedures
RAI treatmentsInformation on any prior RAI treatments
PhysicalPhysical exam findings
Menstruation/lactationMenstrual and lactation history, negative serum pregnancy test before RAI administration if needed