Key Patient Characteristics and Imaging Features

CharacteristicPatient 1Patient 2Patient 3
HistopathologyPoorly differentiated adenocarcinomaConventional adenocarcinomaConventional adenocarcinoma
Gleason score4 + 44 + 34 + 5
National Comprehensive Cancer Network prognostic categoryHigh riskIntermediate riskHigh risk
PSA (ng/mL)
After 177Lu-PSMA33.0621,761.2544.54
68Ga-PSMA-11 uptake (SUVmax)
After 177Lu-PSMA28.0236.6583.6
18F-FDG uptake (SUVmax)
After 177Lu-PSMA4.419.634.5
Metastatic pattern of urinary bladderDirect extension from prostateDirect extension from prostateMultifocal metastatic lesions involving bladder wall, hematogenous
HU of prostate
After 177Lu-PSMA7010867
HU of urinary bladder metastases
After 177Lu-PSMA678341
OutcomePartial responseProgression and deathPartial response