List of Clinically Relevant Data to be Included in an ERNA Report (33)

Demographic dataStandardStandard
Study dateStandardStandard
Medical record numberStandardStandard
Acquisition information
 Type of studyStandardStandard
 Radionuclide and doseStandardStandard
 RBC Labeling techniqueStandardStandard
 Study indicationStandardStandard
 Study qualityRecommendedRecommended
Study results: rest
 Left ventricle (LV)
  LV size
   Quantitative (volume)N/AOptional
  LV regional wall motionStandardStandard
  LV hypertrophyOptionalOptional
  Quantitative LVEFStandardStandard
  LV diastolic function
   Quantitative (PFR)PreferredPreferred
 Right ventricle (RV)
  RV size
   Quantitative (volume)N/AOptional
  RV regional wall motionStandardStandard
Atrial sizesOptionalOptional
Aorta and pulmonary artery sizeOptionalOptional
Synchrony parametersOptionalOptional
Study results: stress
 Type of protocol: exercise/interventionStandardStandard
 Peak BP and HRStandardStandard
 METs or %MPHRStandardStandard
 Left ventricle (LV)**
  LV size: change from rest
  Change in LV regional wall motionStandard
  Quantitative stress LVEFStandard
 Right ventricle (RV)**
  RV size: change from restStandard
  Change in RV regional wall motionStandard
  Qualitative stress RVEFOptional
 Normal or abnormalStandardStandard
 Diagnostic significance of rest/stress response**Standard
 Prognostic significance of rest/stress response**Optional
 Comparison to prior studiesStandardStandard
 Extracardiac findingsRecommendedRecommended
  • * RVEF can be obtained from SPECT ERNA, though not well validated.

  • ** Pharmacologic stress SPECT ERNA can allow for assessment of these parameters, though there is little contemporary data.

  • BSA = body surface area; LVEF = left ventricular ejection fraction; RVEF = right ventricular ejection fraction; PFR = peak filling rate; BP = blood pressure; HR = heart rate.