Indications for ERNA

Valvular heart disease
 Timing of surgery
 Assessment of treatment effect
 Evaluation of biventricular function
 Determination of type (systolic vs. diastolic) and severity
 Assessment of diastolic dysfunction
 Identification of candidates for defibrillator implantation andresynchronization therapy
 Evaluation of ventricular function before and after transplantation
 Monitoring LV function during chemotherapy
 Diagnosis of cardiotoxicity from chemotherapy
 Guiding chemotherapy
Uncommon indications
 Stable coronary artery disease*
  Diagnosis (rest/stress ERNA)
  Assessment of treatment efficacy
 Adjunctive evaluations
  Evaluation of RV function
  Determination of ventricular dyssynchrony
  • * Performance of stress ERNA (exercise or dobutamine) in the setting of acute coronary syndromes is not recommended.