SPECT Acquisition Parameters

ParameterStandard or optional
Camera type
 NaI(Tl) Anger multidetectorStandard
 CZT or CsI(Tl) dedicated cardiac cameraOptional
Energy peak
 201Tl: 70 and 167 keVStandard
 99mTc: 140 keVStandard
Energy window
 201Tl: 30% and 20%Standard
 99mTc: 20%Standard
 LEHR 99mTc-labeled agentsStandard
Patient position
Camera set-up of 45° RAO to 45° LPOStandard
180° camera orbitStandard
Circular or noncircular orbitStandard
Pixel size of 6.4 ± 0.4 mmStandard
64 projections for 99mTc-labeled agents; 32 for 201TlStandard
Injection-to-scan time
 99mTc agents, rest: 30–45 min p.i.Standard
 99mTc agents, stress: 15 min p.i. (exercise) or 30–45 min p.i. (pharm stress)Standard
 Thallium, rest: 20 min p.i.Standard
 Thallium, stress: 10–15 min p.i. (both exercise and pharm stress)Standard
Acquisition type
 Step and shootStandard
 Continuous dynamic SPECTOptional
64 × 64 matrixStandard
Time per projection
 Rest: 25 sStandard
 Stress: 20 sStandard
Frames per cycle
100% R–R intervalStandard
  • LEHR = low-energy high resolution; RAO = right anterior oblique; LPO = left anterior oblique; p.i. = after injection; pharm = pharmacologic.