Optimal Counting Levels at Scan Time and Derived 18F-FDG Injected Activity

Body mass
ParameterEquation50 kg75 kg100 kg
PSF7A⋅t = 260⋅m106 MBq158 MBq211 MBq
PSF2 (24)A⋅t = 41⋅m1.48111 MBq189 MBq300 MBq
OSEM3D (24)A⋅t = 12⋅m1.82126 MBq244 MBq426 MBq
  • A = activity at scan time (MBq); t = acquisition duration (s); m = body mass.

  • Coefficients α and β (Eq. 7) for OSEM3D and PSF2 were determined through regression of data from Table V in reference 24. Injected activity is decay-corrected for 60 min before scan time and typical 3-min acquisition duration per bed position.