Supplies to Prepare and Administer 177Lu-DOTATATE Dose

A designated treatment room and restroomTo prevent radiation exposure to other people
Plastic-backed kraft paper and masking tapeTo line walls and floor of treatment room and bathroom
Scrubs for patient; scrubs, lab coat, impermeable gloves, wrist gaiters, goggles or face shield, personal dosimetry badge, and radiation detection device for technologistTo monitor radiation exposure and provide personal protection
Hot lab with L-block shield within biosafety cabinetTo prevent radiation exposure when preparing dose
Large waste bucket for sharpsTo collect used sharps and any waste that might contain 177Lu
WorkstationTo document medication administration and vital signs
250-mL saline bag with extension tubingTo flush dose syringe
3-way stopcockTo connect dose tubing and saline tubing
22- to 20-gauge intravenous catheter system, tourniquet, chlorohexidine, Tegaderm (3M), and CoFlex adhesive bandageTo establish intravenous line
Microbore extension tubingTo attach dose syringe to intravenous line
10-mL prefilled saline syringeTo flush and check patency of intravenous line
30-mL vial of salineTo train staff through simulations
1-mL syringe, 20-gauge needleTo vent dose vial
GauzeTo raise vial inside shielded pig and to clean area
Chux padsTo clean and protect area
Tongs, tweezers, and alcohol wipesTo pick up and clean vial
30-mL lead-lined acrylic syringe shieldTo prevent radiation exposure when dose is drawn
WedgeTo tilt vial when dose is drawn
30-mL syringe; 20-gauge spinal needle 2.5–3.5 in (6.3–8.9 cm) longTo draw dose
Pump and tubingTo infuse dose, as well as antiemetics and amino acids