2016 National Quality Strategy Six Priorities

PriorityLong-term goal
Make care safe by reducing harm from careDecrease hospital admissions and readmissions
Reduce medical errors and harm from medical care
Reduce inappropriate or unnecessary care
Ensure patients and families are engaged in care decisionsImprove patient experience
Use shared decision making between providers and patients
Enable patients in managing their care
Make communication and coordination of care effectiveImprove communication and transitions across settings
Improve quality of life for chronically ill and disabled
Integrate care across communities and reduce health disparity
Promote prevention of leading causes of deathImprove cardiovascular disease health socially, economically, and environmentally
Promote healthy lifestyle
Work with communities to promote use of best practicesPromote community interventions and community health
Make health care more affordableEnsure quality, accessibility, and affordability of care
Reduce waste and fraud
  • Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services National Quality Strategy 2016 (20).