Cause of Single Functioning Kidney and Associated Level of Biochemical Tumor Marker

PatientCause of single functioning kidneySerum chromogranin A* (ng/mL)
1Pancreatic body and tail lesion extend into left adrenal and left kidney, rendering kidney nonfunctional334→102
2Nonfunctioning left kidney detecting incidentally during workup for PRRT2,600→2,420
3Horseshoe-kidney NET; partial nephrectomy for removal of primary962→97.97
4Previous history of left renal cell carcinoma; nephrectomy done for same866.7→808.76
5Left ureter NET; left kidney nonfunctional because of ureteric lesion from time of diagnosis68.10→37.9
6Polycystic dysplastic right kidney recognized at time of workup for PRRT435.75→131.3
  • * Change from baseline to final analysis.