Rome III Classification of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

A: EsophagealG1: Infant regurgitationH1: Vomiting and aerophagia
 A1: HeartburnG2: Infant rumination H1a: Rumination
 A2: Chest painG3: Cyclic vomiting H1b: Cyclic vomiting
 A3: DysphagiaG4: Infant colic H1c: Aerophagia
 A4: GlobusG5: Functional diarrheaH2: Abdominal pain
B: GastroduodenalG6: Infant dyschezia H2a: Dyspepsia
 B1: DyspepsiaG7: Functional constipation H2b: Irritable bowel
 B2: Belching H2c: Abdominal migraine
 B3: Nausea/vomiting H2d: Childhood abdominal pain
 B4: RuminationH3: Constipation and incontinence
C: Bowel H3a: Functional constipation
 C1: Irritable bowel H3b: Nonretentive fecal incontinence
 C2: Bloating
 C3: Constipation
 C4: Diarrhea
 C5: Unspecified
D: Functional abdominal pain
E: Biliary
F: Anorectal