Criteria for Performing SPECT/CT After Whole-Body Bone Scan

AIndications for not performing SPECT/CT after bone scan
 Patient cannot participate in SPECT/CT examination
 Widespread metastatic disease is present
 A previous whole-body bone scan is available and no new lesions are present
BIndications for performing SPECT/CT after bone scan
 Focal lesions in spine or pelvis are present
 Patient reports newly developed pain from spine or pelvis
 Prostate cancer patients have prostate-specific antigen that is increasing or > 20 ng/mL even though no metastatic lesions are present (SPECT/CT of lumbar spine and pelvis)
 Large urinary bladder is covering sacrum and patient has reported symptoms from this area
CIndications for not performing SPECT/CT
 Whole-body bone scan has normal results and no criteria from section B to perform SPECT/CT are fulfilled
DIf technologist is unsure whether SPECT/CT should be performed, technologist calls physician
  • These criteria apply to patients suspected of having metastatic disease. For other indications, nuclear medicine physician makes decision.