Adult Effective Doses (mSv) for Radiographic and Nuclear Medicine Procedures

ProcedureAverage effective dose (mSv)
Posterior/anterior and lateral chest radiography0.1
99mTc-radionuclide cystography0.1
Lumbar spine radiography1.5
Head CT2.0
99mTc-MAG3 renal scanning2.7
Intravenous urography3.0
99mTc-MDP bone scanning4.2
123I-metaiodobenzylguanidine scanning4.8
99mTc-ethylcysteinate dimer brain scanning5.7
Pelvic CT6.0
99mTc-sestamibi for stress/rest cardiac scanning6.7
Chest CT7.0
Coronary angiography7.0
18F-FDG PET scanning7.4
Abdominal CT8.0
Coronary angioplasty with stent placement15.0
  • Radiopharmaceutical doses are from Table 1 except 99mTc-radionuclide cystogram dose (2427). Radiographic doses are from Mettler et al. (23).