Summary of Data Used in Analysis

VariableValue (reference)
Mean life expectancy80.5 y (7)
Mortality rate for patients with acute LGIH*4% (3,8)
Scintigraphy-associated mortality0% (9)
Scintigraphy-associated complication rate0% (9)
Scintigraphy-associated cost$492 (6)
Angiography-associated mortality0% (3,9,10)
Angiography-associated complication rate*2% (3,9,10)
Angiography-associated cost$1,376 (6)
Embolization-associated complication rate*0% (11)
Embolization-associated cost$144 (6)
Surgery-associated mortality, with localization of bleeding13% (12,13)
Surgery-associated mortality, without localization of bleeding30% (12,13)
Surgery-associated complication rate, with localization of bleeding15% (14)
Surgery-associated complication rate, without localization of bleeding83% (14)
Surgery-associated cost$1,124 (6)
Surgery as a result of positive scintigraphy15% (20)
Angiography as a result of positive scintigraphy85% (20)
Positive angiography and positive scintigraphy39% (20)
Negative angiography and positive scintigraphy61% (20)
Positive angiograms only suggestive of bleeding42% (20)
Rate of rebleeding in acute LGIH15% (15,16)
Positive angiography leading to surgery25% (20)
Positive angiography leading to embolization50% (20)
Blind surgery12% (17)
  • * Conservative estimate based on lower end of reported range.