Common Elements of a Research Project Outline/Proposal (4042)

I.The Research Project
A. Title
B. Abstract
II.The Research Plan
A. Specific aims
B. Research hypotheses
C. Timeline for specific objectives
III.Background and Significance
A. Rationale and supporting theories for the project
B. Existing knowledge and related studies
C. Uniqueness of proposed methods
D. Prior experience/qualifications of the investigator that support the project
IV.Research Design and Methods
A. Subjects
 1. Characteristics
 2. Sampling methods
 3. Exclusion/inclusion
B. Materials
 1. Instruments
 2. Validation/reliability
C. Procedures and Methods
 1. Overview of study design
 2. Specific interventions or observations
 3. Data collection and storage
 4. Potential limitations, alternative procedures, precautions
D. Data analysis/reduction
V.Budget justification
A. Personnel
B. Equipment
C. Space
D. Direct Costs
E. Overhead
A. Human subject protections, IRB
B. Animal use, IACUC
C. Administrative/Institutional approval