Categorization of Each Subject According to Each Method

SubjectPhysicians' assessmentGCParametric imagesR side vs. L side
1Gen delayGen delayGen delayGen delay
2R delayR delayR delayR delay
3R delayGen delayGen delayGen delay
4R delayR delayR delayR delay
5R delayR delayR delayR delay
6R delayR delayR delayGen delay
7R delayL delayL delayL delay
8IntermediateL delayL delayL delay
9Gen delayGen delayGen delayGen delay
10L delayR delayL delayL delay
13L delayL delayL delayL delay
14L delayL delayL delayL delay
15Gen delayR delayL delayL delay
16L delayL delayL delayL delay
  • Gen delay = generalized delay.

  • Columns 2−5 show categorization of each patient by 4 different methods. There is agreement between 4 methods in 10 subjects.