Added Value of Fusion of Coincidence and CT to Image Interpretation and Patient Management

Tumor typeCoincidence results aloneFused image resultsAdded value of fused images to image interpretationAdded value of fused images to patient management
Lung cancerParahilar uptakeLocalization of uptake to lung parenchyma, no evidence of LN involvementBetter anatomic localization, exclusion of nodal involvementAccurate staging, referral for surgery
Lung cancerUptake in lung tumor and in additional abdominal siteLocalization of abdominal site of uptake at left adrenalBetter anatomic localization, detection of metastatic spreadAccurate staging, referral for chemotherapy
Colorectal cancerUptake in right anterior abdomenUptake localized in ectopic kidneyDifferentiation of physiologic from tumor uptakeExclusion of disease
Colorectal cancerPerirectal uptakeFocus of uptake in large perirectal residual massBetter anatomic localization, detection of viable tissue within fibrosisNone
Colorectal cancerUptake in right upper abdomenPhysiologic uptake in hepatic flexure of colonDifferentiation of physiologic from tumor uptakeNone
Colorectal cancerPresacral and perineal uptakeUptake in pelvic masses and in adjustment LNsBetter anatomic localization, detection of nodal involvementNone
Colorectal cancerPelvic uptakePelvic uptake extending to sacrumBetter anatomic localization, detection of adjacent bone involvementReferral for radiotherapy to involved bone
Breast cancerUptake in left pelvisLocalization of uptake to iliac crestBetter anatomic localization, detection of bone involvementNone
Breast cancerUptake in breast and in paratracheal regionLocalization of cervical uptake in thyroid noduleBetter anatomic localization, detection of unsuspected thyroid lesionThyroid lesion was found to be second primary tumor; breast and thyroid tumors were removed
Unknown primarySites of uptake in cervical, oropharynx, and retrosternal regionsOropharynx uptake delineated lesion at that location on CT image; retrosternal uptake was located in postsurgical changesBetter anatomic localization, detection of unknown primary tumor, exclusion of disease in region of previous surgeryReferral for surgery and radiotherapy
  • LN = lymph node.