Patient instructionsDuration (d)
1.11–3.7 GBq* (30–100 mCi)3.7–5.55 GBq* (100–150 mCi)5.55–7.4 GBq* (150–200 mCi)
To reduce external exposure to others
 Limit time spent in public places234
 Limit private travel (at 0.914-m separation of >2 h)123
 Do not travel by mass transportation or airplane234
 Do not travel on prolonged automobile trip with others234
 Delay returning to work if workplace or office is shared234
 Avoid prolonged close contact with children and pregnant women456
 Sleep in separate bed (>1.829-m separation)456
 Flush used facial tissues down the toilet (flush toilet, at least twice, after urination)456
To minimize transfer of 131I or internal exposure
 Avoid mouth-to-mouth contact456
 Do not share items that contact mouth or saliva (e.g., eating utensils, water/pop/beer bottles/cans, etc.)456
 Use separate towels and washcloths456
 Use regular utensils and plates and wash them separately456
 Wash your hands thoroughly after going to toilet (use separate bathroom, if possible, and men should also sit down while urinating)345
  • * Treatment dose range.

  • Based on NRC Regulatory Guide 8.39 and James E. Carey, Jr., MS, DABR presentations at Society of Nuclear Medicine meetings and local presentation in December 1998.