Performance of Clinical Tasks and Level of Formal Training to Perform These Tasks

Clinical taskHas performedFormally trained
Administered lasix62.0%9.6%
Administered ACE inhibitors41.5%6.4%
Administered dipyridamole or adenosine59.6%13.8%
Administered morphine22.3%3.2%
Administered cholecystikinin69.1%8.5%
Administered acetazolamide15.9%6.3%
Monitored glucose levels of patients undergoing PET studies13.8%3.2%
Performed cardiac stress testing23.4%2.1%
Obtained informed consent from patients47.9%10.6%
Provided limited patient physical exam such as for thyroid or breast imaging26.6%9.6%
Performed ECGs on patients43.6%21.3%
Interpreted ECGs on patients13.8%8.5%
Monitored patients under conscious sedation23.4%4.3%
Performed urinary catheterization on patients11.7%9.6%
Received request from a physician to provide an interpretation of a nuclear medicine procedure63.8%7.4%