Location and Type of Discomfort During MBI

Source of discomfortn
Breast compression16 (8%)
Back or neck discomfort14 (7%)
Maintaining position for duration of examination14 (7%)
Pressure on chest wall or ribs8 (4%)
Temporary discomfort during positioning7 (3%)
Detector edges in contact with underarms or axilla5 (2%)
Skin pulling4 (2%)
Difficulty breathing normally4 (2%)
Uncomfortable chair3 (1%)
Lack of place to rest chin3 (1%)
Lack of place to rest arms2 (1%)
Intravenous injection2 (1%)
Wearing of face mask*2 (1%)
Face in contact with camera1 (1%)
Shoulder pain1 (1%)
Knees straddling gantry1 (1%)
  • * Masking requirements due to coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic were in place during study period.

  • Of 209 total survey responders, 64 women provided at least 1 comment on discomfort of procedure. Responders may have commented on multiple factors of discomfort. Sources of discomfort were abstracted from free text responses to survey questions 5 and 10.