Glucagonlike Peptide-1 RAs Used for Glucose Control and Weight Management

Generic nameBrand nameDosingHalf-lifeIndication
 Short-acting GLP-1 RA
  ExenatideByetta (Eli Lilly)5–10 μg SQ twice daily2.4 hGlycemic control in adults with T2DM
  LixisenatideAdlyxin (Sanofi)10–20 μg SQ daily3 hDiabetes management in conjunction with insulin
  LiraglutideVictoza (Novo Nordisk)0.6–1.8 mg SQ daily13 hGlycemic control in T2DM
  LiraglutideSaxenda (Novo Nordisk)0.6–3 mg SQ daily13 hWeight loss and chronic weight management
 Long-acting GLP-1 RA
  DulaglutideTrulicity (Eli Lilly)0.75–4.5 mg SQ weekly5 dImprovement of blood sugar in T2DM
  SemaglutideRybelsus (Novo Nordisk)3–14 mg orally daily7 dTreatment of T2DM, an oral agent
  SemaglutideOzempic0.25 to 2 mg SQ weekly7 dDiabetes management; off label for weight management
  SemaglutideWegovy0.25–2.4 mg SQ weekly7 dApproved by Food and Drug Administration for chronic weight management
  Exenatide long-acting releaseBydureon Bcise (AstraZeneca)2 mg SQ weekly2 wkGlycemic control in adults with T2DM
Dual glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide/GLP-1 RAs
 TirzepatideMounjaro2.5–15 mg SQ weekly5 dTreatment for T2DM; off label for weight loss
 TirzepatideZepbound (Eli Lilly)5–15 mg SQ weekly5 dTreatment for obesity
  • SQ = subcutaneously; T2DM = type 2 diabetes mellitus.