Results Across 7 ChatGPT Generated Information Sheets Among 3 Expert Assessors

ParameterPoorBelow averageAverageAbove averagePoorBelow averageAverageAbove average
Overall accuracy16.3%72.8%10.9%0%4.8%20.4%60.5%14.3%
 Procedure is accurately explained1191031152
 Preparation is accurate9102034113
 Postprocedure requirements are correct1164006123
 Potential side effects or risks are correctly outlined0183005124
 Content is relevant to procedure1173005115
 Information is evidence-based1173005142
 All information is accurate1200014142
Overall appropriateness0%11.4%88.6%0%5.7%4.8%52.4%37.1%
 Medical terminology is appropriate and explained in layperson’s terms0021001128
 Language and tone are appropriate for target patients and their families0021001128
 Information is presented in clear, organized manner0615003711
 Any cultural or linguistic considerations have been considered0615060141
 Professional tone is used in patient-appropriate way00210001011
Overall currency21.4%57.1%21.4%0%8.3%26.2%53.6%13.1%
 Content is up to date1191004134
 Information reflects current best practice4170026103
 Information is free from bias0417001173
 There is no key information omitted1380051151
Is this adequate for purposes of informed consent?1271031143
  • Mode is highlighted in bold. There were no excellent responses.