Duration of Breastfeeding Interruption (Studies Listed Alphabetically from M to S)

StudyRadiopharmaceuticalAdministered doseInstitution guidelines, 2022SNMMI/EANM procedure guideline (7)*Stabin and Breitz (2)ICRP 106 (8)Leide- Svegborn (1)ACMUI (9)
Meckel diverticulum99mTc-pertechnetate555 MBq12 h12 h4 h12 h12 h24 h
Multigated acquisition99mTc-RBC modified in vivo925 MBq12 h24 h12 h12 h024 h
Myocardial perfusion (rest + stress)99mTc-tetrofosmin1,184 MBq4 h4 hNA0NA24 h
Myocardial perfusion (rest + stress)99mTc-sestamibi1,184 MBq4 h4 h00024 h
Myocardial perfusion201Tl-chloride111 MBq4 d48 h96 h48 hNA4 d
Myocardial perfusion82Rb1,100–1,850 MBqNANANANA0
Myocardial perfusion13N-ammonia370–740 MBqNANA0NA1 h
Sodium fluoride PET18F-NaF2.22 MBq/kg0NANANANA4 h
Octreotide scan111In-octreotide111 MBq00NA0NA6 d
Parathyroid scan99mTc-sestamibi740 MBq4 h000NA24 h
Parathyroid scan99mTc-tetrofosmin185–925 MBq0NA0NA24 h
Parathyroid scan (for dual phase)99mTc-pertechnetate75–150 MBq12 h4 h12 hNA24 h
Parathyroid scan (for dual tracer)123I-NaI and 99mTc-sestamibi7.5–20 and 740 MBq4 d3 wkStop>3 wkNA3 d
R to L shunt99mTc-MAA37 MBq12 hNANANANA24 h
Renal cortical99mTc-gluceptate296 MBq4 hNA00NA24 h
Renal cortical99mTc-DMSA111 MBq4 hNANA0NA24 h
Renal function99mTc-MAG-3260 MBq4 h4 h00024 h
Renal function99mTc-DTPA370 MBq4 h12 h00024 h
Renal GFR99mTc-DTPA37 MBq4 hNA00024 h
Salivary gland scan99mTc-pertechnetate555 MBq12 hNA4 h12 h12 h24 h
SeHCAT scan75Se-tauroselcholic acid0.37 MBq>3 wkNANA>3 wkNANA
Small-bowel and colon transit99mTc-SC18.5–37 MBqNA00NA24 h
  • * Or publicly available guidance documents.

  • Recommendation was based on both internal and external radiation exposure.

  • Single 24-h interruption period is recommended for 99mTc-labeled radiopharmaceuticals to simplify guidance.

  • RBC = red blood cell; 0 = no breastfeeding cessation is necessary; NA = data not available; — = not institutional procedure; DMSA = dimercaptosuccinic acid; MAG = mercaptoacetyltriglycine; DTPA = diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid; SC = sulfur colloid.