Duration of Breastfeeding Interruption (Studies Listed Alphabetically from A to I)

StudyRadiopharmaceuticalAdministered doseInstitution guidelines, 2022SNMMI/EANM procedure guideline (7)*Stabin and Breitz (2)ICRP 106 (8)Leide- Svegborn (1)ACMUI (9)
Adrenal medulla131I-MIBG37 MBqStopStopNA>3 wkNANA
Adrenal medulla123I-MIBG370 MBq48 h48 h48 h>3 wkNANA
Bone scan99mTc-MDP11 MBq/kg4 h4–24 h00024 h
Bone scan PET18F-fluoride185–370 MBqNANANANA4 h
Bone marrow99mTc-SC555 MBq4 hNA00NA24 h
Brain perfusion99mTc-ECD555–1,110 MBq4 hNANA0NA24 h
Brain perfusion99mTc-HMPAO555–1,110 MBq4 hNANA0NA24 h
Brain amyloid18F-florbetapir370 MBq24 hNANANANA
Brain amyloid18F-flutemetamol185 MBq24 hNANANANA
Brain amyloid18F-florbetaben300 MBq24 hNANANANA
Breast imaging99mTc-sestamibi300–600 MBq000NA24 h
Breast imaging99mTc-testrofosmin300–600 MBq0NA0NA24 h
Cardiac necrosis99mTc-PYP740 MBq4 hNA00NA24 h
Cisternography111In-DTPA18–27.8 MBq0NANANANANA
Cerebrospinal fluid shuntogram111In-DTPA28 MBq0NANANANANA
DaTScan123I-ioflupane111–185 MBq3 d1–6 dNANANANA
Brain scan18F-FDG4.9 MBq/kg12 h24 hNA004 h
Esophageal transit99mTc-SC40 MBq4 hNA00NA24 h
18F-FDG PET (oncology)18F-FDG4.9 MBq/kg12 h12 hNA004 h
67Ga scan67Ga-citrate148–333 MBqStop2–4 wkStop>3 wkNA28 d
Gastric emptying/transit (liquid)99mTc-DTPA37 MBq4 hNA00NA24 h
Gastric emptying (solid)99mTc-SC18.5 MBq4 hNA00NA24 h
Gastrointestinal bleed99mTc-RBC in vitro555–1,110 MBq4 h000NA24 h
Heat-damaged RBC scan99mTc-RBC in vitro370 MBq4 hNA00NA24 h
Hepatic hemangioma99mTc-RBC in vitro750–925 MBq4 hNA00NA24 h
Hepatobiliary scan99mTc-DISIDA185 MBq4 h000NA24 h
Hepatobiliary scan99mTc-mebrofenin185 MBq4 h0NANANA24 h
Iodine whole-body imaging131I-NaI185 MBqStopNAStop>3 wkStopStop
Iodine whole-body imaging123I-NaI74–185 MBq4 dNAStop>3 wkNA3 d
  • * Or publicly available guidance documents.

  • Recommendation was based on both internal and external radiation exposure.

  • Single 24-h interruption period is recommended for 99mTc-labeled radiopharmaceuticals to simplify guidance.

  • MIBG = metaiodobenzylguanidine; NA = data not available; MDP = methyl diphosphonate; 0 = no breastfeeding cessation is necessary; — = not institutional procedure; SC = sulfur colloid; ECD = ethyl cysteinate dimer; HMPAO = hexamethylpropyleneamine oxime; PYP = pyrophosphate; DTPA = diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid; RBC = red blood cell; DISIDA = diisopropyl iminodiacetic acid.