Duration of Breastfeeding Interruption (Studies Beginning with L)

StudyRadiopharmaceuticalAdministered dose (MBq)Institution guidelines, 2022SNMMI/EANM procedure guideline (7)*Stabin and Breitz (2)ICRP 106 (8)Leide- Svegborn (1)ACMUI (9)
Lacrimal gland99mTc-pertechnetate7.40NANANANANA
Liver, spleen99mTc-SC2004 hNA00NA24 h
Lung perfusion99mTc-MAA74–18512 hNA12 h12 h12 h24 h
Lung ventilation99mTc-Technegas18–370NANA0NA24 h
Lung ventilation99mTc-DTPA aerosol20–40NA0NANA24 h
Lung ventilation99mTc-SC aerosol20–400NANANA24 h
Lung ventilation81mKr gas40–4000NA0NANA
Lung ventilation133Xe gas200–7500NA0NANA
Lymphoscintigraphy99mTc-filtered SC374 h24 h00NA24 h
Lymphoscintigraphy99mTc-unfiltered SC1854 h24 h00NA24 h
Lymphoscintigraphy99mTc-sulphide nanocolloid3.7−37024 hNANANA24 h
Lymphoscintigraphy99mTc-nanocolloidal albumin3.7–37024 hNANANA24 h
Lymphoscintigraphy99mTc-antimony trisulfide3.7−37024 hNANANA24 h
Lymphoscintigraphy99mTc-tilmanocept3.7−37024 hNANANA24 h
177Lu-DOTATATE177Lu-oxodotreotide3,700Stop2.5 moNANANAStop
  • * Or publicly available guidance documents.

  • Recommendation was based on both internal and external radiation exposure.

  • Single 24-h interruption period is recommended for 99mTc-labeled radiopharmaceuticals to simplify guidance.

  • NA = data not available; 0 = no breastfeeding cessation is necessary; SC = sulfur colloid; DTPA = diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid; — = not institutional procedure.