Elements to Review Before Treatment on Day of Therapy

Review consultationTo better understand new patient or refresh memory of previous patient
Review complete blood count with differentialTo ensure parameters are within appropriate range for therapy
Confirm weight and accuracy of administered activity calculationTo ensure correct dose
Verify patient identity per institutional protocolTo ensure correct patient receives therapy
Confirm that pretherapy and posttherapy medications have been given as neededTo ensure patient comfort in event of side effects
Provide radiation safety instructionsTo ensure patient has instructions and opportunity to ask questions
Provide as-needed medicationsTo ensure patient has as-needed medication and instructions on when to use
Determine how well patient tolerated previous therapiesTo review symptoms and needs for pain medication and to preview current therapy (e.g., if patient is no longer constipated because less pain medication is needed than previously, there could be higher risk of soft stools or diarrhea during current therapy)